Elephant Skin’s hand protectors are designed to provide protection to riders who take their adventurous instincts seriously.

Mediterranean vegetation thrives during the rainy winter months and most trails are invaded by various plants and bushes. During spring and summer, those bushes and thorns dry up and become painful traps waiting for the innocent rider to come behind the turn.

Elephant Skin’s MTB hand guards are large enough to prevent branches and thorns from hitting the rider’s hand, it is designed to fit most types of brakes and does not require more than 10 mm of handlebar space near the grips. The hand guard does not protrude beyond the handlebars so it does not increase your chances of hitting branches or trees. The protector is slightly tilted backwards so that anything you graze will slip out of your handlebars, which helps regain control of your bike even when hitting objects on trailside. In the event of an impact with a branch or tree trunk, the flexible protector will absorb a significant portion of the impact and disperse the contact area to minimize injury to the rider’s hand.

Excellence and competitiveness:

We at Elephant Skin also have racing and competition in mind (regardless of discipline), so at the end of a long design process, we are proud to present a lightweight and durable protector. A pair of Elephant Skin protectors weigh only 64 grams, which is less than half the weight of competing products. This fact makes Elephant Skins’ hand protectors attractive even in disciplines where weight is a significant consideration like XC and TRAIL (believe it or not, XC riders also suffer from handlebars impact and need hand protection) and obviously for enduro and e-bike mountain biking and racing.

We thought of every detail:

Elephant Skin’s Hand Protector is the only MTB hand protector that can be assembled and removed without removing the grips or shifters. The flexible structure of the rod makes it possible to clip it over the handlebars without damaging even the most delicate carbon fiber handlebars.

In addition, for those adventurers who take their bike inside a vehicle or who carry a number of bikes on a rack, we have found that sometimes the presence of a hand protector can complicate transport solutions. Don’t worry, the protector can be removed and assembled on the rod in seconds without the use of any tools or need for pre-planning. Protector interfere with car loading? Simply remove it and reconnect before riding.



Elephant Skin hand protectors are designed to provide maximum protection while maintaining minimal weight, the material properties are incorporated into the design process and allow for a lightweight, flexible and almost unbreakable structure. The design sends a “ready for action” message for any bike regardless of the riding style.

Element of Surprise:

Elephant Skin’s hand protectors’ decals can be ordered in several colors, but we have a surprise for you. Each set incorporates a personal phrase addressed you and you only. What will it be? You will never know before you open your package.

Assembly instructions:

  • Open the box and admire the product
  • Remove the connecting rods and loosen the screw
    with a 3 mm Hex wrench
  • Clip the rod over the handlebars concave down (no Left/ right) and as close to the Grip as possible
  • Insert the screw and lightly tighten it to the nut
  • Mount the shield on the rod and press firmly until it clicks, indicating a proper connection
  • Make sure it snapped into place and the protector is fixed
  • Make a final adjustment of the protector so that it is centered and horizontal (not inclined up or down)
  • Gently tighten the screw to the torque of 2NM
  • Repeat with the other protector
  • Go ride!

Warranty and Crash Replacement Warranty:

Elephant Skin stands behind its products, if you find a fault or defect, we will replace the defective part at no cost. Since handguards are prone to damage under high impact, we provide a two-year Crash Replacement Warranty in replacing the damaged part at a preferential price to the original buyer on presentation of proof of purchase and proof of damage.

Warranty covers plastic parts and hardware, without decals.

  • Manufacturing defect: Covered up to 3 months from day of purchase – replacement at no cost.
  • Crash Replacement: Two-year Crash Replacement Warranty in replacing the damaged part to the original buyer on presentation of proof of purchase and proof of damage, 50% off listed price on day of claim